This section shows some productions, classified by 'type of application'. The comments explain the musical choices inspired by the different sequences



This is an example of trailer music (composed for the Spitfire Audio / Albion One contest)

The intro is a crescendo without a precise melodic line. It is as indefinite as the images are. Everything contributes to create a feeling of expectation with respect to something that is going to arise. The huge eye, highlighted by the low note of strings, represents a sort of pre-count that anticipates the second part of the video.

After zooming on the huge eye, there is a change of scene and environment. It is an explosion of energy, also highlighted by the wu-meter levels of the mixer console. The synchronization of the images of the musicians with the musical parts of the track is desired: the frame showing the violinists is accompanied by sustained violin notes, the percussionist part is underlined by the sound of a roll of timpani.

The ending is deliberately bare: a simple piano chord. In this case the music must not be a distraction: the emptiness of the arrangement helps to focus on the content of the video which, in the example, highlights the name of the company.



This work can be used as an example of a soundtrack for a documentary but it could also adapt to a promo for a tourism agency.

This composition was created for the 8Dio contest “The Captain”. The music was divided into movements based on the various sequences of the video.

The first one is represented by the boat sailing in a calm sea. The style of music is “tuned” with the feeling of calm and peace transmitted by the images. Very open chords and airiness of the arrangement are the base for this part.

The change of scene is anticipated by the sequence of seagulls that gives “a breath” to the track.

The following part is more epic and was inspired by the image of the clouded lake animated by horizontal movements. In addition, the frame that quickly flies over the surface of the sea, has suggested a faster movement of music: the strings runs want to underline that dynamism. The high notes of strings with sordino want to emphasize the sunset scene over the gulf.

The theme will return simpler and sweeter - emphasized by the children choir - which will accompany these further sequences of calm seas until you get to the scene of the wave breaking on the sea which is the prelude to the most animated part of this work.

From that moment the video becomes more lively and joyful: huge waves with surfers, subjective shots from under the waves. The music scores these scenes with a tighter rhythm also pushed by a synth chord arpeggio that gives more power to the sequence.

In the last scene we find the sailboat in a calm sea at sunset and also the music becomes softer. The female voice gives an additional touch of sweetness to that moment: it seems to describe the return home from a memorable day in the middle of the sea.

The use of sound effects, such as the noise of the waves and screeching of seagulls, is very important as it gives more realism to the entire composition.



This clip is an example of movie soundtrack. This project was created for the 8Dio competition dedicated to the composer Christopher Young.

The music score for a film must respect, even more, the scenes and the images. Music must be functional to the clips and must not be too invasive. In movies, silences are often more effective than music.

After this premise, let's jump to the video.

It is a clip taken from a silent horror movie of 1929. Music, in silent films in general, plays an important narrative role, too.

The awakening of the woman, from the first scene, is accompanied by soft notes: a sudden disturbing breath will make her jump from the bed.

The shot, suddenly, opens onto the vampire Nosferatu. Music, at that point, must explode. The tension of the sequence must be driven by the dynamics and the volume of the music: everything must contribute to that "punch in the stomach" that in a horror movie is mandatory. The goal is simple: the spectator, at that moment, must be frightened.

The tension of the track fades out moving to the sequence of the woman hypnotized by the vampire who will push her to open the window.

After opening the window, the atmosphere becomes more macabre: noises, grins and silences. The woman, after a while, regains her senses. She is devastated. She is realizing that, opening the window, she has allowed the vampire to enter her room. We know from the horror narrative that vampires cannot enter a house unless voluntarily invited by those who live there. The music, in that sequence, is tuned to her confusional state. This is highlighted by bending strings notes, chatter chaos brass melodies and isolated percussion hits.

The music fades out again to create more pathos when Nosferatu is face to face with the poor woman. The act in which he takes possession of her is emphasized by a dark verse.

The final part of the video is accompanied by a kind of lullaby that contrasts with the macabre scene of Nosferatu that is sucking blood from the woman. The contrast of the music (apparently positive) and the dramatic moment amplify the horror streak.



This clip is an example of video game composition. The rules are the same as for a movie.

Many scenes simply need to be accompanied by sounds or sound effects that highlight the content of the various scenes. 

In fact, the music track has the purpose to recreate the sound atmospheres suitable for sequences. Even this type of musical approach, apparently simpler, requires a lot of creativity and imagination. Sound research and design is fundamental and it is time consuming: in some cases it takes more energy than composing a song theme.

This project was created for the Sonokinetic - Ibrido Cinematica contest

Multimedia Catalogue


This example shows how music can "animate" even a simple photo. This clip can be a reference for those who need to publish a multimedia catalog and want to make it more enjoyable thanks to the support of music.

Music inspiration cannot count on "live" images, as it would happen with a normal video. Static images must be sufficient to create a music background. 

In these cases it is essential, probably more than in other scenarios, a detailed briefing from the customer.

In the example, I composed a music theme inspired by the famous painting "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper. This project was realized for the contest organized by Adam Audio.

The melody is melancholic like the feeling of solitude transmitted by the characters depicted in the painting. The use of the sax soprano is not accidental: it reminds the slightly lounge atmosphere of pubs and night clubs.

To animate the image I used a zoom-out effect to create a sort of crescendo both for the picture and the music.


Short Clip

This is an example of a short clip.

It is a very typical case in the world of communication: 30-seconds clips are almost a standard for advertisements or song themes for television broadcasts.

In these cases the music is often accompanied by voice-over.

For such short videos, music must aim at immediacy: in a short time it must communicate "everything".

This video clip of the moon was created by photographer Massimo Vaghi and the music wants to transfer the feeling of mystery inspired by that dark side of the moon that is lost in the dark of the night.

That was my inspiration but it is clear that the same clip can convey a completely different emotion and inspire a completely different piece of music. Also in this case, the role of the customer briefing is essential.

Projects of that kind could easily be used as opening theme, both for a television broadcast and a documentary.

This project was realized for the 8Dio contest “Moon”.



In this second example of Trailer, the video is divided into two large parts: the first can be considered a prelude, the second represents its development.

The insertion of sound effects gives further dynamism and makes the clip more credible and realistic.

A simple and effective music theme helps to imprint the video in people minds. A good and simple melody is really strategic.

The second part of the composition focuses precisely on the musical theme which, for its immediacy, has the purpose to remain imprinted in the memory and, consequently, giving benefits also to the contents of the video itself.

The musical theme that accompanied a well-known brand of pasta is a famous example of that phenomenon. Today the track associated to that advertising, still ensures benefits to that brand, well beyond the duration of the advertising campaign.

The same is valid for films: some soundtracks have a theme so beautiful as to guarantee a sort of elixir of eternal youth to the connected movie.

This project refers to the Sonuscore / BestService - Elysion contest



This clip can represent a piece of music for a documentary. The nature in autumn is “told” by melancholic and harmonious chords.

This work has been made for the 8Dio contest “Spring in Winter”.

The arrangement consists on a single sound: that was the main rule of the contest. In order to give more spatiality and airiness to the track, a deep convolution reverb has been added.

That composition ranked the second position in the contest.

Bonus Tracks: music looking for a video

MARZIAM - Track inspired by the young Marziam, character taken from Maria Valtorta’s work “The gospel as it was revealed to me”

INTO A VIDEOGAME - a dip in the 80's arcade video games

BECAUSE… - a mash-up between the a cappella verses of Eminem “I am soldier” and the refrain of “Because” by The Beatles. Inspiration born from the trailer of the film Valerian that used the famous song of the English band.

VICTORY - a hymn to the winner

WALLY WALK - an existential walk with an electronic music background

LIKE CHILDREN - the joy and purity of children. Track always inspired by the Valtortian work

These tracks want to show the versatility in composition: from orchestral to electronic music, from hip-hop to EDM: there is no limit to the musical genre.

The wide range  of virtual instruments, sample libraries and plug-ins owned contributes to guarantee a professional level of productions. More details about music gears and software in the appropriate section “MyStudio”

All compositions are protected by copyright

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