Alessandro Quatela

The passion for music was born when I was13, in full 80s electro-pop times.

Although I loved some big American artists like Michael Jackson and Prince, I have always preferred British music.

The passion for synthesizers came thanks to artists such as Howard Jones, Ultravox, Nik Kershaw, Eurythmics (to name a few)

The first synth was given as a gift from my parents at the age of 14. The study of the foundations of the synthesis was accompanied by organ lessons which gave me the basis of harmony and playing technique.

In those years I also learned the basic of guitar which opened new horizons in terms of musical expressiveness.

The passion for composition developed immediately but could be realized with one of the first workstations equipped with an internal sequencer, the glorious Korg M1. With That keyboard I could create 8 tracks music: a sort of dream for those times.

Despite the militancy in several bands, I continued my compositional activity mainly inspired by electronic music whose main reference, for at least a decade, was Jean Michel Jarre.

In the early 90s I obtained the qualification of composer by SIAE company (Italian copyright company) and recorded the first instrumental music work which included 15 tracks ranging from pure electronics to more orchestral flavors.

Over the years, the passion for cinema also increased and had an important influence on the compositional side. Computer music systems were a real turning point in the creative process. The use of Cubase (DAW software) opened up enormous possibilities for music composition: endless MIDI and AUDIO tracks with incredible editing functions.

From the early 2000s I began studying the orchestration techniques. All this was facilitated and encouraged by orchestral libraries more and more realistic thanks to the huge list of articulations for various orchestral instruments (Vienna Symphonic Library on top).

Nowadays these new virtual instruments, together with more and more powerful DAW systems, are making possible the realization of projects with an outstanding quality.

Scoring to picture is still my preferred source of inspiration in the music creation process.

Finally, the twenty-year activity as sales manager in the musical instruments sector, has given to me an important experience in communication and marketing fields. These additional skills are important assets for the creative process that must take into account precise rules and guidelines.


I owe much of the credits, in developing my passion for composition, to my wife who has always encouraged me in this activity: she has never hindered the investments in musical hardware and software. Those investments allowed me to setting-up a professional home-studio.

I want to thank also to my two sons who have always endured my prolonged musical sessions, characterized by endless rehearsals, corrections and continuous re-listening. Real champions of patience.

Further medal to my wife Sara, able to simulate interest to my endless monologues on plug-ins and music software. That will be taken into account in her cause of canonization :-)

Here below you find an example of scoring-to-picture which, as I said, remains one of my greatest passions. The work is based on a Spitfire Audio contest. The sequence is taken from the HBO serie "West World"

Never safe, never afraidĀ 

(West World - HBO)


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